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The Cashier's Surprise

--by cabbage, posted Nov 15, 2013
My son and I were grocery shopping. As usual at the checkout they had the usual fine display of chocolate temptations and other sweet goodies. 

Instead of asking for something my son whispered to me, "Let's ask the cashier if this chocolate is any good and then, as we're leaving, we can give it to him!" 

I smiled and watched the magic unfold.

The cashier chatted with us about all kinds of things. Then my son, very casually, asked about the chocolate. The guy said, "Oh, yeah. Those are really good!" And then, as we were walking away with our groceries, my son handed the chocolate to the cashier and said, "This is for you!" 

The guy was like, "Really? No! That's ok." But my son just smiled and said, "Yeah, really! It's for you!" 

And we both walked off, smiling broadly. 
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huanita wrote: Ahaha:) love this cheeky story. What a nice surprise. Bet you made his day. Yes, like ammi wrote,you are a good parent. Children watch and learn, and obviously he's been watching you being kind in your own way. A good lesson to live/be the good example. Bless you.
Lisa wrote: What a wonderful young man you are raising. No doubt following a good role model. Bless you both.
prsquires wrote: Great idea. I love this. Hugs to you
mindbodyhealing wrote: How wonderful
alexandriaharvey wrote: You have raised such a beautiful son! Children can be so suprising :)
*trying to to cry
babanam wrote: How nice, a young man of true character
cwh1 wrote: You raised him. Be proud of your son. He is sure to bring kindness and caring wherever he goes now and as he grows up. You did well. And so he does good :-)
solace wrote: I work as a cashier at a grocery store and this happened to me too :) one day a lady with her 3 little kids was checking out and before she left, she gave me a chocolate bar and insisted that i take it :) that was so nice of her. It really made my day :d so well done <3
meggent wrote: This is a very sweet story! Thanks for sharing!
Ammi wrote: Sweet! Specially coming from your son. Glad he has started early. You are a good parent

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