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Secret Agent Smile Tag

--by Dreamer, posted Oct 18, 2006

I set out with my infant son and two puppies into a new Northwest Houston neighborhood for our secret agent adventure in smile tagging a stranger.  We secretly discussed which stranger's house we would smile tag and leave a high end chocolate bar.  We spotted a home where people clearly had left their trash on the curb, and needed to come out their door to pick the cans up.  This was the place!

The whole "James Bond" team ran up to the door, positioned the smile tag and chocolate bar at the right angle to be picked up, and breathlessly raced away so as not to be caught during our secret agent adventure.  We were all giggling and laughing as we nonchanantly got back into our undercover outfits as a mom, boy, and two puppies who were on a casual walk through the neighborhood.

In the end, we were the ones that gained from this act of kindness, as we bonded around our secret agent adventure, and shared in the grace and joy of giving to a stranger!  According to my son, this was the best walk/outing ever.

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cassiemeadows wrote: wow, that really made me smile. thanks
nazzy wrote: can you send me a james bond postre. its for our class story where writing about james bond and his secret talents.

by nazzy nasra age 17

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