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Tagging an 80 Year Old Man

--by Dreamer, posted Oct 15, 2006

I finally got my smile tag cards. I decided to add something to the cards- and I have always thought that a giving act is to share something you would want to keep for yourself. In my case, I'm a huge chocolate fan, and my husband brought back from a trip to Europe two fancy, Belgium chocolate bars. I decided to give away the chocolate bars to strangers as a random act of kindness.

I was on a walk with my baby and puppies, when I saw an 80 year old man struggling to repair something on the ground.  I thought -- this is who I'm going to smile tag.  When he got a call that pulled him away from the repair job, I gleefully ran with the smile tag card and Belgium chocolate bar- and left it by the repair site where he had to lie on the ground.

I know- what in the world will an 80 year old man do with the chocolate bar?  I didn't think that part through- it was just an act of kindness.  I never got to see his reaction. Later though- I was pleasantly surprised to see signs that there were kids in this house. Maybe he was a grandpa- and in that case I imagined him having fun sharing the Belgium chocolate! 

I'll never know really what happened- i just know the chocolate bar is gone! Ha ha ha  It is fun to do a random act of kindness, and made for a real neat outing with my baby boy too.

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