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Encounter with an Albino Blind Man

--by twiceblessed, posted Jul 8, 2007
Strolling down the streets of New York can be jarring reflection about the state of humanity -- a business man in suit and tie tries to optimize his time by walking and reading newspapers at the time, a thirty-something waitress zips by with her restaurant apron half off and is intently looking at that handheld blackberry; a high school girl is on her cell phone cussing at someone in her Brooklyn accent.

Trying to catch my subway train to Penn Station, I felt the New York Minute rush also. Until I notice an albino man ahead of me, walking very purposefully, taking very small, slow, intentional steps. He was blind. For every step he took, he would swing his stick couple of times to get the lay of the land in front of him.

I passed him in no time, like everyone else. But then, I looked back at his rhythmic steps. This time, I notice the innocently placed, slightly crooked hat on his head. I walk back to him.

"Hello Sir! How are you doing today?" I ask him in an upbeat tone. "Why just great. How are you doing today?" "Oh, excellent." "Well, I'm very happy to hear the good reeeport," he said in his New Yorrrrrker accent.

Somehow that statement struck me deeply – he was genuinely happy that I was doing good. "What is your name?" I ask. "Eduard. And yours?" he says while extending his hand out for a hand shake. Juxtaposed with streams of people zipping by, our conversation seems to have created an island of stillness.

Couple minutes later, we conclude. "Well, you have yourself a wonnnnnderful day now," Eduard says. "Thank you for the blessings," I reply. "Yeah, we all need blessin's from each other." "We sure do. You have a great day too," I say while walking ahead of him.

As I'm about ten feet away, I turn around to hear a faint whispher amidst the taxi-driver screeches. "And thank you for stopping by to talk to me."

I didn't reply because I didn't know if he wanted me to hear that. But I did.

I walked silently – and slowly – with the wish that everyone would take two minutes of their time to pause for blessings from an albino blind man.
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Rajni wrote: Real human being like you can spare two minutes of time to exchange blessings with albino blind man. You did a wonderful job of talking to albino blind man and inspiring rest of us to follow suit.
Suzie wrote: Kindness is something you cannot give away, for it will always come back to you! I'm sure your great feeling inside your heart was a wonderful reward for this unexpected blessing!
Oyewale wrote: You are such a wonderful creature. If everyone in the world can learn how to lend a helping hand, the world will be a better place to live.
Mary wrote: I work with a person with blindness and we have become very good friends. We have been on outings together and it's amazing the way people tend to look away from people like her who are handicapped, instead of embracing them as someone who may not have a disability. I read this story and got a smile in my heart that there are others who spread God's love around to all who need it. Thank you!
DEARI wrote: love they say is better shared, thank you for stopping by to share yours with the albino man. i was inspired to slow down, stop & share that love with someone out there who desperately needs it. God bless
DEARI wrote: love they say is better shared, thank you for stopping by to share yours with the albino man. i was inspired to slow down, stop & share that love with someone out there who desperately needs it. God bless
kjreed wrote: It delights my heart to look others in the eye and give a big smile accompanied with a are you? The world we live in today can be so cruel to others if you don't look the same or fit in w/ the "NORM"!
trahan1978 wrote: yeah new yorkers can be rude at times but they also can be kind if they try I know god has special plans for those who see alot different then us
Kater wrote: Thank you for taking a moment to reach out in love and another to inspire us to do the same. :) I have posted a quote by Rachel Remen in my workplace of late: When you help, you see likfe as weak. When you fix, you see life as broken. When you SERVE you see life as whole. Fixing and helping may be the work of the ego, and SERVICE the work of the soul. Thank you for being of SERVICE. I will attempt to honor that today by and looking for opportunities to serve too.
kwabena wrote: Nice story and encounter with the arcangels. I think u realy listened to the small voice still voice within you. You blessed so many. Thank you

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