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Disney Delight

--by wonderlink, posted Oct 20, 2006
I've been doing complimentary office cleaning for a fast-growing non-profit organization that finds mentors for children in-between homes. I'd been wondering how I could stir up some extra fun at this heart-full organization, but I didn't need to put out much extra effort at all; the intention seemed to be all that was needed.

It happened like this: One of my paying clients casually told me that his son works for DisneyWorld and can let up to three people in for free everyday. It took me one precious second to see the golden opportunity. He confirmed that I didn't have to be present since I couldn't afford the trip - that the privilege could transfer to someone in the non-profit I work for. Wow! Now my job is getting fun! So I whip off an email to the founder of this mentoring organization that is run by a guy fresh out of college who was a foster child himself at one time. Yes, they will surely make use of that. What a privilege to be in the middle of that delight!
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cassiemeadows wrote: oh thats lovely! how great for the kids. isn't it specail how things just turn out like that? Take Care of yourself.

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