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Learning the Value of a Smile (Card)

--by keleth, posted Oct 21, 2006

Recently, I was honored by a visit by an inspirational speaker who has been one of the biggest influences on my personal and spiritual life. I first heard his words this last summer, and knew he was the perfect person to speak to my fellow college peers about the value of service at a recent event. When he came in, soaked because of sudden rainfall, some wondered, but once he started speaking, all eyes were fixed. By the end of the event, no one wanted to leave, albiet having mid-terms the next day. As he held the bouquet he was given as a token of the amazing service he had done for us, and as he told us about Smile Cards (and distributed a few hundred that were quickly split up with eager desire to make someone smile), an idea came to each to take one flower, and pass it on with a card to someone we saw and appreciated.

As the crowd reluctantly dispersed, I had interviews to conduct with fellow board members, and I saw the girl sitting at the welcome desk of the campus center, who had been so helpful to us. I realized the campus center is open till late at night, and during the interviews, I kept thinking how she'd be there until the morning, just there in case someone needed help. As the interviews closed, I went to the girl at the desk and asked her, "What time does your shift end?" She said she'd be there till 1 a.m., and I realized how long of a time that really is. I had no doubt in my mind. I placed the rose in my hand down on her desk along with a Smile Card, just turned around, and walked away.

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