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Fragrance Shifting Hands

--by Satya, posted Oct 22, 2006
Let me preface this short note by admitting that I have never actually used a fragrance candle. So when a company rep at a booth offered one as a marketing scheme, I thought, "why not?" Later, a few of us were standing in line for some food, casually chatting when a lady in front of me noticed this nicely wrapped candle in my hand. She commented on its beauty and immediately I knew what to do. I offered it to her but I could sense her hesitation. I pressed some more and finally found myself admitting that she'd be doing me a favor if she took it.

Well, before you know it, we were chatting away (the food line was long :), and I spoke about an organization I volunteer for and random acts of kindness. My friends and I chatted for a bit, ate food, finally started walking away from the area when another gentleman caught up with us and surprisingly asked if we were talking about a certain organization! Turns out, for years he's been known about this organization. Today, after hearing our conversation, he just wanted to talk to a real live person about it. We talked for a bit and departed with the promise that we'd meet again at this organization.   
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