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Serendipity With a Camera Woman

--by karmaklimber, posted Oct 25, 2006
Recently my wife and I were in Maui, and we went to enjoy one of its gorgeous sunsets by the beach. While sitting there a nice lady saw us and asked, "Do you have a camera?". I replied, "Yeah", and then she offered to take a picture of us. So we stood up, got into our 'standard' arm around each other pose. Then she asked us to lie down on the ground to make the shot more interesting, and asked how to set the manual flash on my camera. My wife asked her if she was a photographer, and she replied, "Yes, but I don't have any jobs tonight."

She took some great photos of us, far better than the cheesy ones that we normally take. We thanked her, and she then walked off and asked the next group nearby if they had a camera. What a nice thing to do!
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Doris wrote: great story and you'll always have the pictures to remind yourselves to "be kind"
Bob wrote: She is wonederful and we ought to do that ,make others laugh
Paricia wrote: She was certainly using her talent to good effect!

We cannot all take great photos but we can all use whatever talent we have to enhance other people's lives for free like she did.
JZ wrote: KarmaKlimber, to give that photographer a chance to express her kindness is a kind act in and of itself! Great story.

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