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Kindness to Elderly People is a Reward in Itself

--by 14022006, posted Aug 1, 2014
I was flying back to my hometown and sat next to an old lady in the plane. I could see that she was scared -- she was clutching her bag on her lap and did not want to put in on the floor as the air hostess asked her to do.

I started chatting and told her about the birth of my grandson, etc. She started talking about her life and before we knew it the flight was over. I also helped her collect her luggage and she couldn't thank me enough -especially for the chat.

She commented that most people ignore old people and that she really appreciated it. On our way out, I waved and she pointed very proudly to the two people with her and mouthed that this is my daughter and granddaughter.

She kept on turning back and waving until we couldn't see each other any longer. I believe we have to try and make a difference in each and everyone's life that we meet - even if we never see them again!
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Loretta wrote: You did good!
Shirley Marsh wrote: It's amazing the difference a smile can make to someone's day. It does mine, so i now 'pass it on', and even if they don't smile back, who knows, it may make a difference to their day!
Theresa Corman wrote: I teach fitness at a 50+ recreational centre. The oldest member is 103 years old. There are so many amazing stories if we take time to listen. You did a great thing for this older woman. Wonderful.
deirdre wrote: I hope you are returned that kindness when you are older! Your story made me smile, and remember to have patience with older folks. Have a happy day!

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