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Kindness is Everywhere!

--by keleth, posted Oct 27, 2006

Since one week of having had Smile Cards perpetually in my wallet, I've found that I realized something about doing random acts of kindness: it's everywhere.

These days, as I walk around, I look for the random things I can do to make someone else's day; the opportunity to put down a Smile Card in hopes it perpetuates. So many things happen that aren't necessarily Smile Card opportunities, but rather just a chance to be nice.

Yesterday I helped someone with a large cart behind them enter one of the classroom buildings and picked up some papers an elderly man had dropped and was having trouble getting. These may be small acts, but now that I see them and recognize them as those acts of kindness, it comes to mind that I'm sure the person with the cart was wondering how they'd get inside and the elderly man would have gone through a lot of pain trying to retrieve those papers. Yet a few minutes out of my day helped them, and now I walk around with a bigger smile. It's a win-win situation.

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Pam Donkin wrote: I have a song for children, perfect for a school doing a kindness week called, Kindness is Everywhere. Email me for a free mp3 of the song.
Pam Donkin wrote: Looks like my email didn't show for the above comment. It is and my webpage is

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