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Kindness Chain-Gifting Experiment #2

--by twocents, posted Oct 30, 2006

"J" is a brilliant musician who fell from his rising star as a world famous rockstar when he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.  Now a mute quadriplegic on a respirator with only the movement of his eyes and thumb left, he's far outlived the 3 years of life they gave him more than a dozen years ago.  Releasing 4 albums since being disabled, his musical genius has been amply revealed as he composes Mozart-like symphonies and other pieces (replayed in premiere venues by other famous musicians), painstakingly, one note at a time.

"D" is long-time friend of "J" and has bought 200 copies of "J"'s last CD to support him and his work. "D" believes its "J"'s deep spirituality, and his love of music that keeps him alive. 

I invite "D" over for a homemade lunch of gourmet tostadas, and purchase 2 copies of "J"'s CD from him, hoping to have done something small for both "J" and "D".  I give "D" extra money, and encourage him to send one CD on to "M".  He includes the names of two friends, with one kindness suggestion each, for "M" to pay forward.

"M" is a guitarist and community activist who will not only love the sounds and spirit of "J"'s music, but will love doing something for "D"'s friends.

I sneak a peek at "D"'s note after lunch, and his two suggestions are to buy a DVD movie entitled "The Power of Community" for a friend in Ohio, or send a handmade retirement card, preferably made by a child, to another friend in Idaho.

And the Kindness Chain continues! 

Hoping you get linked soon!

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