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Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2012, Story #5 - It Was All My Choice!

--by momov3, posted Dec 28, 2013
Yesterday was my 51st birthday.  While some may wonder why I would write about me, it is because I made a choice.

I have never been a big fan of my birthday.  Hurts from the past and just not enjoying the "wisdoming" (instead of aging) process up to now, has usually left me either quiet about my birthday or just plain grumpy about it. 

But yesterday, when I woke up, my first thought was: Thank you God for letting me wake another day.  The next decision was: I am going to choose to be happy today, no matter what day it is, and I'm going to let others in on it too!  I thought of several things for me to do, one of my favorite being that since I turned 51, I sat down with my journal and wrote the numbers 1 through 51 and next to each one spent some time writing down something that I am grateful for.  It didn't take long AND I just couldn't stop at 51!  It brought joy to my heart instead of the usual doom and gloom of another birthday.

I had to go out and do errands, so I had decided that at every possible opportunity, without being silly or a nuisance, I would tell people it was my birthday.  It brought ME joy and not one person I told didn't reply with a heartfelt "happy birthday" and a smile.

For my small business, I rent space from a shopkeeper and the shopkeeper is having some hard financial times.  The shopkeeper rents out spaces for consignments along with 4 small businesses sharing a space. 

I had mentioned a few weeks back that with the cold coming (and it WILL come), wouldn't it be fun if they purchased some hats, gloves, scarves and decorated them a bit and had them for sale for a little extra money for them, since their money is always so tight and they would fit in nicely with other consignments thin the shop. 

The comment was met with "any money we get has to be put back into ingredients" (it is a cookie shop). I just couldn't get the idea out of my head, so yesterday, on MY birthday, I presented THEM with a gift of a mixture of 75 sets of mittens, hats and scarves that were decorated to draw the eye to them and make them fun.  Since most of the cookie customers are either college students or downtown workers, they were made either "college fun" or "work dressy".  I don't know if they will sell, but I told the shopkeeper that all the proceeds go to them and their shop and it was fun to give someone else a gift on MY birthday rather than being only the recipient. 

To sum it up, it truly was my best birthday yet.  I made the choice to be happy.  I spread the happiness.  I made a list of things I am grateful for.  I gave someone else a gift they can use to make a little extra money for themselves.  I got more hugs and gave more hugs in just one day than I normally give in a week (and I'm a hugger!) and the joy I felt as I laid my head on my pillow is still with me as I wake up here in the middle of the night unable to sleep because the joy is still in my heart.

I wanted to share my joy with my friends and if anyone else has "difficulties" with having their birthday, turn it around and give out the happiness.  It made all the difference and I am so glad that I finally figured out: it was all my choice!

Love & Light
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tjones.lcc wrote: This is so awesome. Thanks!
livinginiowa wrote: Thank you for sharing your story! I'm happy that you found joy out of what might bring others down.
Rajni Gohil wrote: Great way to celebrate birthday. I do make many birthday cards and other seasonal cards and give it up to some known and other unknown people walking on street, in bus or else. I knew it definitely makes someone happy, but due to hearing disability i live it to god to listen. I loved your idea very much. It will make me closer to be the happiest person on planet earth. Thanks for sharing great idea.
Jeans wrote: My 86th birthday is coming up shortly. Love the idea of telling people that it's my birthday. I will be a bringer of joy.
jeans wrote: My 86th birthday is coming up soon. Love the idea of telling people that it's my birthday. I will be a bringer of joy.
elizabeth_1956 wrote: I hope every day feels like your 51st birthday. :) xoxo
Cas wrote: Wow, your story really hit home. I have been trying to figure out how i could start 2014 in a better place and celebrate my upcoming birthday in q1. I have been dealing with a lot of not so great stuff in 2013 and i want to believe 2014 will be the year for a change. You have inspired me to make it so. Happy birthday to a very special person. I hope your year is filled with wonderful opportunities.
Ak wrote: My feels so warm and mushy because of your mail. A big warm hug to you!
Pushpa wrote: Belated happy birthday! Thank you for pointing out how one can make one's own birthday meaningful and happy for others too!
beetoote wrote: "it was all my choice! " how curious, tomorrow decembre 2nd is my 51th birthday.

It was all my choice!

Thank you much.

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