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Teen's Fire + Motherly Heart = Healing In The Streets

--by worldcitizen, posted Dec 1, 2013
How are we shifting our consciousness to recognize that we all are one big human family?

A few years ago a young bilingual yoga instructor from Oakland was biking and had to stop in an intersection to wait for the green light. At that same intersection, there were three male youngsters, who mugged her by asking for her wallet. "Sure" she replied as she gently made eye contact, calmly took her wallet and handed it to them.

Last week, the same young bilingual yoga instructor --now being a mother of a 6 year old-- had to stop in the same intersection. Again three men in their teens where waiting for her. She made eye contact and this time, however, there was a different surprise waiting for her.

One of the teens had a flower. He looked at her and said: "you are beautiful and look so happy, please take it!" and handed the flower to her. There was a blast of smiles, happiness and joy in the four of them.

The fire of these teens shifted something in her. As she was leaving the spot of the paradoxical encounters with a big smile, her motherly heart requested to turn around. "How can I leave without giving you a big hug?!" :-) As they embraced, she told me she said something like, "I sent all my love and compassion to the other teens who mugged me years back".

And so it goes another kindness story of how we all could be healing in the streets with courage, flowers, smiles and hugs :)
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patwaneha72 wrote: Just ammaizing. !
PeaceMac wrote: So beautiful. What a gift in this storyl
jsmc10 wrote: :) lovely story
starryskies wrote: Wow, I got chills reading this. So BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing! <3 Love and hugs to you. :)
deactivated wrote: Wow! It was lovely, thanks for sharing sweeti:)))))))
Love ang hugs for ye:))))))))))))
Dobby wrote: What a great story! Truly awesome! It's like God was neutralizing the bad that happened in the past by giving her such a wonderful gift, and in the same spot. He knew that would get her attention. And I would say that the second experience's power far surpassed the evil of the past experience.
Mish wrote: Nice to read this. Thanks.

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