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--by cabbage, posted Dec 2, 2013
Around lunchtime today my son and I were walking in our community's busy "downtown" area. We passed by a homeless man sitting on the street and since I had no cash on me, all we could give him was a smile and a good wish. As we walked on my son asked me didn't I have any money to give him--I said I don't have cash, but why don't we ask him if he would like something to eat.

On our way back on that street after doing our errand we saw the same man and asked him if he would like us to get him some lunch. His face brightened up and when I asked what he would like, he just said "anything is fine". So then my son pointed to a rather fancy looking "parisian cafe" type of place across the street and we decided to go in there. Well, of course it was lunchtime and the place was packed! We stood in line for a while, looking at pastries that I knew we were not going to buy....and then we decided upon a hot sandwich for the homeless man. 

After ordering and paying by credit card, we sat and waited...and waited....and not a peep out of my son about why it was taking so long (of course, they were busy!)...after some mishaps with the order and the packing of a "to-go" box, we finally got out of there. My son said "I hope the man is still there!" And he was. And he was so happy (it took us so long, I'm sure he must have thought we weren't coming back) made our day. We came home, made ourselves some lunch, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.
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Twinklepoppet wrote: Fantastic! And nice you could share it with your son. x
huanita wrote: Cabbage (love that name) :), i sense so much kindness, and so much intent in just waiting patiently in that line. I can imagine how it must have felt. Bless you both. Huggs.
Glowworm wrote: That was a nice story to hear, cabbage :)

I'm glad the man was still there, and it was very thoughtful of you to not only buy him lunch, but to wait for it patiently.

You've set a terrific example for your son, who sounds like a wonderful young man.
moral12 wrote: Very kind of you to think of him, even though you did not have cash to give, you gave food from your heart. Bless you for thinking of him.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: How wonderful of you both to do that and not be discouraged by the wait. A wonderful kindness example! :)

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