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Character Counts!

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Dec 3, 2013

My favorite kindness sidekick, my 7 year old daughter Rachel, was a teacher of kindness today. I wanted to share her beautiful kindness story with all of you.

We were invited to her school today by her principal for a special ceremony. Her school has a program called Character Counts which has 6 pillars (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship). Once a month they recognize one student in the school who exemplifies the character of a particular pillar. Today the focus was on the Caring pillar, which represents being kind, compassionate, showing you care, expressing gratitude, forgiving others and helping people in need. Well, as you may have guessed, Rachel was the honoree! 

The principal called her up to the front and read many wonderfully kind things that Rachel does and what a positive role model she is. Her teacher then followed with many specific examples of Rachel’s kindness and how she touches the lives of others. It was awesome listening to all of the ways she practices kindness at her school and I could not have been prouder of my kind hearted little one. As part of her recognition, she also received a brand new bicycle!  She was surprised but very humble about everything. That’s my little kindness girl, practicing the humility I wrote about last!

But the kindness ripple doesn’t stop there. As we went to the car to load her new bike, she has decided to give the bike she has now to one of her friends who does not have a bike. That little girl will be so excited I can’t wait. Plus it is the girl’s favorite color!

As a parent I am always trying to be a good influence and teach my children what is important in life, with kindness being a critical part of that. When you see that they truly get it, there is no better feeling. Today I saw that Rachel not only gets it but is a teacher of kindness in her school. I couldn’t be happier! 

We are already planning our next kindness adventure. We have a monthly date night and Rachel has decided that for our night she wants us to perform another kindness special ops mission! Stay tuned for more on that!
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Rajni wrote: At her age, Rachel deserved all the recognition and appreciation she received. Congratulations to her and her proud parents as well.
huanita wrote: Sigh. Bless that child. And i think, as importantly, you, her parent. I hope more and more people see you for your kindness. Huge hug of love and appreciation. You deserve it.
brindlegirl wrote: Your daughter is who she is because of you. You must be so proud and have every right to be. What a beautiful girl and such a beautiful girl can only come from a beautiful mummy xoxo
beeInspired wrote: What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing this. Hugs to you and Rachel!
moral12 wrote: What a wonderful child you are raising; she obviously has had a GREAT role model in you. Bless you both and thanks for sharing about Rachel's award. I know we'll all look forward to hearing more about her. Kudos to you both!
bluxess wrote: I see where Rachel comes from ... the space of constant cultivation of kindness ... with a parent only eager to play and master compassion ... in their silent and resilient ways ... I am so proud of your daughter MSS and you all, her family and friends ... May she experiment with every pillar and enrich her beautiful life. I am looking forward to hearing more of both of you MSS ... Love and immense blessings to all, Bluxess.
lmil1954 wrote: Awesome story my friend! You have surely done a great service to Rachel and many others who will be influenced by her kindness...she has definitely learned from a wonderful influence!
RMB333 wrote: Such a beautiful little heart! Lovely story thank you for sharing, MSS. If not for your encouragement little Rachel wouldn't have a chance!- thank you for being her guiding star... What lovely parents! Untold and Immense Blessings on ALL three of you!
SmileSharer wrote: What an amazing daughter! Rachel is so kind and I'm sure you are a wonderful mother. Kudos to both of you! God bless!
cabbage wrote: THank you for sharing and for being such a great role model! :-)

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