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Musical Chairs

--by Satya, posted Nov 6, 2006
Having read many stories on this board on giving up airplane window seats, I was on the lookout for a similar opportunity recently. The international flight back home was going to be long and I wasn't thinking of much except sleep. The row was split in 2-3-2 and the gentleman sitting next to me casually asked if I wouldn't prefer a center aisle seat. His wife had been separated from him. I immediately acquiesced and the couple was together. I admit, I might have let out a little laugh at having finally been able to do this for a stranger (are we really that?) - I hope they didn't take it the wrong way.

But the story was not over for me. Shortly a hostess came over, asked me if I wanted to change seats (the other two passengers next to me were also a couple). For the next 10 hours, I'm in a row all to myself.

So I'm on the hunt again, till I actually give up a window seat without getting anything in return. Will post my progress here.
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songdeva wrote: I think it's not so important that you don't receive anything in return. As long as your goal is not to receive but to give, I think you have achieved this even if they hand you $1 million for that window seat. The universe is abundant by nature, and I think it will be almost impossible to receive nothing, even if only the pleasure of giving!

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