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Gaining Marriage Wisdom: Sharing Homemade Carrot Cake

--by Dreamer, posted Nov 4, 2006

I made a homemade carrot cake for the first time. It was really the most delicious cake, according to my family. So I decided I would spread kindness by giving some of this cake to a my parents' neighbor- someone I didn't really know.

I gave the cake to a neighbor's husband- who invited me in to talk.  Next thing I know, his wife also comes over, and we have a three-hour discussion about life- concerns about her college age son, and lessons around marriage and divorce.

I walked away from this meeting profoundly touched about the wisdom this woman shared from an early divorce- the courage she showed to leave someone irresponsible, and the faith she kept that she deserved to be married to a man who honored her and supported her. The eerie thing is I struggle with being married, and certainly didn't know she went through this experience.  I walked away with a blessing and wisdom that was timely for my situation. I walked away knowing I could have faith and believe I can choose to be with someone who would honor my values and respect me.

I guess this type of story is a great example of how much we can surprisingly get back from a simple act of kindness!

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