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The Water Bearer and the Ceramic Pot

--by Sheetal , posted Dec 17, 2013
There once was a water bearer who every day to earn a living carried water from the distant river into the town where he lived. To do so, he owned two ceramic pots, which he hung at both ends of a pole he balanced over his shoulders . While one of the pots was bright red, smooth and perfectly waterproof, the other was old, discolored and a bit cracked, in fact it dripped water on the way.

Each day the pot became a little more porous, and dripped a little more, till came a time it was only able to retain half of its content by the time they'd reach the town. This caused the pot great shame, and so finally, unable to contain its embarrassment, the pot addressed the water bearer: "Master, please break me! throw me! dispose of me! I can't stand this misery any longer, I'm unable to hold water, and every day my imperfections cause you to work twice as hard, you can replace me and get a more efficient pot, this way you'll earn more working less...please put of out of this misery".

"Oh replied the water bearer, is that what you think of yourself? Then please, let me show you something on the way back from the river tomorrow."

And the next day, after filling both pots, and hanging one on the right and the cracked one on the left side of his pole as he always did, the water bearer pointed to the right side of the path and asked: "tell me, what you see", the pot replied "I see dirt, I see stones, and dust" hearing this the water bearer pointed to the left side of the road and asked: "what do you see on that side?" "Oh there I see grass, weeds and wild flowers" "Yes, replied the water bearer, this is the beauty you have created by dripping a bit of your water by the side of the path everyday, you quenched the thirst of the soil, you gave birth to the sleeping seeds, and nourished the blooms, and every week, from this side of the path, I pick a few flowers,...
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awayhome wrote: Love this story… the perfection of imperfection… so often ignore.
Cecilia wrote: As i believe to be as giving as this dear old pot, with -out realizing , just moving along each day as anna says with this super sensitive nature dripping away with giving thoughts,actions and deeds. Helps to re-create any love and forgiveness on this beautiful planet of ours that may have been lost. Every morning i thank our creater for the beauty we inherited, and set a daily task to drip away. Thank you so much for confirming to me how, without to much effort i can continue on this path of peace.
anna wrote: Now in my60's i have heard htis story several times and have always s been able to relate to it but as i get older i realise that symbolically the water being lost (emotions of mine being reduced to tears too often) has rubbed of on some of my freinds who are now much more able to display and express their feelings to me and others. My ability to 'feel' was criticised as a child and after many years of suffering from being called supersensitive and thinking there was smeting wrong with me, i realise this is part of my role in life. It makes me feel so good each time i read it. Xxx
hasifa wrote: Awwwww, i love it i love it.

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