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Some Small But Nice Things

--by cgrotke, posted Oct 31, 2006
I'm wondering about the little things.

Big things, too, but I also hope that the little things aren't overlooked. In this case I'm wondering about examples of people being helpful or nice.

What are some recent things that people have done for you that were nice or helpful, without any prompting on your part? What are some recent things you've gone out of your way to do to be nice or helpful to someone?

For example, yesterday my friend John Carnahan dropped by and. knowing that Lise and I like history, gave us a booklet from the 1800's that describes Brattleboro and businesses located here at the time. (It's great and I'll be quoting from it soon, I'm sure). That was both nice and helpful.

Others have done similar things.

Have I been nice or helpful lately? Let's see... I'm about to help someone move, that probably counts for something. I volunteer a lot of my time. I'm sure that helps a bit.

How about you?

The reason I ask is I wonder if we can learn some ways to be nicer and more helpful. Maybe hearing some examples can give us some new ideas. If we all take a baby step forward, we all advance a bit.

Another example: there is a young woman at Radio Shack who does a great job helping people find answers. I've been there on a few occasions and have seen her look online, consult with others, open boxes to double check or read instructions... be it batteries, cameras, or headphones. She is nice and helpful to customers, alert to their needs, and answers questions. It's easy to do, but not everyone takes this kind of interest in their customers.

(Hey, I was just nice to a stranger...)

Maybe it is easier to see others as nice and helpful, but not so easy to see ourselves in such a way. I'm curious to hear what you have to say.
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