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Chocolate Insanity

--by Anon, posted Apr 22, 2006
It was a routine trip. We, my wife and I, are walking back home from the grocery store when we spontaneously decide to walk into a coffee shop. As my wife orders a small cup of coffee at the counter, I huddle our grocery bags under our table and get ready to share some hot coffee on this unusually cold day.

Just then, my eyes catch glimpse of a young woman in her thirties escorting a rather frail Mexican woman into the shop. Maybe it was the gentleness of their encounter or a vague familiarity with the circumstances, but something about them grabs my full attention. I immediately feel an impulse to do something for them. Anything. Unfortunately, before I can gather my wits, they leave the coffee shop without ordering anything!

When my wife returns, I tell her of my silent encounter. "But I missed the chance to do something for them," I say with the angst of a window shopper reading a "closed" sign on the front door.

Strangely enough, though, they come back into the same coffee shop five minutes later. Unbelievable! "This is my chance," I think out loud as my wife shares some creative possibilities. The two women order, take their table placard, and disappear out of our visual range.

After quickly finishing up the coffee, we walk up to the counter and ask the smiling cashier -- "What is your most popular dessert?" Chocolate Insanity Cake it is. With a childlike glee, my wife makes an unusual order. "Can I buy a piece for the two women that were just here before us? But don't tell 'em it was from us. Just give 'em this card," she says while taking out a smile card.

The cashier, a young girl in her early twenties, can't believe it. "Wow. Yes, of course." "Table number 38, wasn't it?" "Yeah, those two ladies that were just here." "Yeah, that's right."

She peeks at the smile card just enough to read the "smile" in big font, and attracts the attention of her co-worker. "Do you guys do this all the time?" she asks, rather lost for words. "Not all the time. Just whenever the heart calls for it," I respond with a natural smile. And I make an offer they simply can't refuse -- "I think we might have an extra smile card or two. Would you like one?" "Oh yeah, heck ya. We'll do something kind too."

And to think they hadn't even delivered the Chocolate Insanity Cake yet.

We, my wife and I, are people of modest means. Tonight, we were planning on doing our once-in-a-while dinner at a restaurant. But walking out from that coffee shop, both of us stand upright with our brown grocery bags in tow and say, "Let's eat at home today."

It's more filling to give a chocolate cake than it is to eat it.

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jsmc10 wrote: So fantastic :)
Thaata wrote: Yes always listen to your heart instead of your mind in matters of love and kindness. An unforeseen hand guides all of us in the ways of god enriching everyone.
Stopnegativecomments567 wrote: This is an amazing story
moral12 wrote: What a great, random act of kindness! Thanks for sharing.
Bibirose wrote: I bet those ladies felt like a million dollars (or more) knowing someone simply wanted to bless them in a very special way...and yum chocolate; as I say to my friends, "Ireckon Heaven is made of chocolate!!!"
Y wrote: This is a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou for inspiring me.
Kat wrote: That is a really sweet story! Literally! I know what you mean about when the "heart calls for it." Sometimes you just know when you see someone that they need a smile more that anything else! Keep up the good work!
toni burns wrote: I have just now found the blogs and this site was one that I found very interesting and heart felt thank you for have it for everyone needs alittle kindness once in awhile.
mallika wrote: i am an hindu.indianand we believe invarious gods and worship with pictures.and i had a one for a long time, mt sister who ha been suffering for almost 20 yrs losing her husband,child and family one by one has lost belief.she was with me for twomonths and i was trying to convince that god alone has helped her to have her atleast in the present stage and tell that she needed to trust that god will help.when she was leaving for her home she wished for the picture which i valued very much. though it took some mins to make up i gave the picture to her wishing her good luck.she is enjoying love after a very long span of years together.recently i was overwhelmed with tears when she said the pic has got me good luck and now she has built an alter an worships the god more elaborately than me...true it is she is happy and i feel i was able to install the trust by the small sacrifice...but now i feel very happy and wish to comment that small act of sacrifice is rewarded with big satisfaction...
toys wrote: muy amable la torta de chocolate. me habría gustado hablar con ellas para saber si fueran de México o de otro país hispanohablante.

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