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Weekend Kindness

--by Bluebell, posted Jan 5, 2014
Yesterday was baking day, so there was a lot of baking and sharing of almond cakes. Today I went to a little convenience store in my town and at the door there was this man sitting on the floor looking very under the weather with a sign saying "It's my B'day help please." I had nothing on me, so I did my shopping and just hoped he would stay there by the time I finished what needed to do. I bought him some chocolate and joined a bank note. When I left the shop he was still there so I started a little conversation, he said he was from Glasgow and that he was homeless, my heart went to him, no one should be homeless, we should all have right to shelter in some shape of form. I gave him the chocolate and the cash and when he looked at the bank note, he said "are you sure?" I said "yes, it is your birthday gift" Then he said, you know it is really my birthday, I was born on the 16th of August 1970, and this is the best present I received today. In my heart I knew that he was telling the truth even when it was just a scribble written in a piece of cardboard. There are things one just knows. Now that I am writing this story I realize that my brother was born in 1970, he could be my brother ... he probably is someone's brother ... My wish for him is that he gets his life sorted out and finds a place he can call home.
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Jacinda wrote: Bluebell you are such a kind hearted soul! You really inspire me! Thank you for being the person you are! :)
petra wrote: Yes you are inspiring i do not know you but i feel i lnow you and it is wonderful knowing you are a part of my life with the the stories and therefore the good heart you share. Thank you
moral12 wrote: Awwww, you are amazing as usual! I know you made his day! Muito bem!
heartofflesh wrote: If he gets his life sorted that will be the real icing on the cake,,,

Good to know you Blue !
Mish wrote: You are a kind-hearted soul. ((HUGS))
deactivated wrote: wow! missy:))))))) U created a history today!!!!!:))))))) . It's lovely, you left a legacy today, your legacy of love:)))))).you shined your love and you wrote something beautiful and lovely in the pages of your life:))))))))
Hey guys I fell in love with bluebell again:)))))))))) ha ha!!:))))
Heyy bluebell u were the first one to send me a message in HO:)))))
You are a caring and lovely bird yo!!!!
U care for your neighbours, U cared and u were there for your friend who was alone and she needed medical attention, U write anonymous love letters, u wrote anonymous love letters celebrating others birthday, u are a caring mom ,protective,welcoming,u were there for neighbours:)))
ha ha haaaaaaa!!!!!
Being a product of love, you are more than that:)))))))))
Sweeeeeeeeeti blubell !!!!!!!!
jsmc10 wrote: aww bless you, this was so lovely :)

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