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--by turtle, posted Nov 16, 2006
I'm rather new to this and I have yet to officially tag someone with a card :) Yet I'm working up to it. Since joining a week ago, I've noticed a distinct shift in my actions towards others. Last week on the subway, I went out of my way to offer an elderly woman my seat, and the look she gave me was so intense, it made me smile. I've been holding more doors since, and letting more people in front of me.

Dirty dishes have been another glorious opportunity to produce smiles and good vibes.

So just yesterday I was walking by my car which is parked outside of my apartment. While walking by I noticed that my car had some extra space in front of it. Then I saw a car slowly creeping down the street in desperate search of a space and an opportunity to give presented itself :) I grabbed my keys, motioned to the woman in the car and created just enough space for us both to park. Her face lit up and it was clear how grateful she was.

So I realize I'm starting small, yet I just thought I would share these few moments with you all. I hope to add more moments soon.

Talk soon, buddies!

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Doris wrote: Sure makes you feel good to make someone else's day eh? I am seeing how a smile shared is for sure a smile doubled and makes both want to spread that feeling.
MrElf1961 wrote: While it may be a "little" kindness to you, you never know. It may mean a world of difference to someone who is having a bad day. Keep on smiling.
Kim wrote: Quoting MrElf1961 "It may mean a world of difference to someone who is having a bad day."
Here, here!

What a wonderful thing to do Turtle.
I'm learning as well and may I say - it's kinda fun too :)
r4h wrote: Awesome - keep it up

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