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Grocery Store

--by silver, posted Nov 21, 2006

I was at a grocery store today. Rob, a second grade student and his mom were in line ahead of me to pay. 

Rob had a 20 oz Coke bottle in his hand.  As soon as his mom paid, Rob opened up the bottle and started guzzling Coke.  

Apparently he dropped the bottle on the floor and made a mess.   His mom slapped him and the store keeper was pissed as he had to clean it up. 

As Rob was crying, I decided to buy him another Coke. 

I gave the coke and a smile card to his mother.  I also offered the store keeper, if I could help him clean up.  He just smiled and took care of it.  

Rob stopped crying and actually sang a song for me before leaving cheerfully.

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ShayK wrote: One thing comes to mind,
"i'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. " the kindness shown to that small boy will stay with him.
zidlore wrote: Wow. That was an excellent deed! The child might have spent the rest of the day being sad. God bless you! ^__^

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