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Neighbor in Need

--by sonshine, posted Dec 5, 2006
I knew my neighbor and her husband had recently separated and she was struggling. She hadn't shared with me her struggles, but I just knew it couldn't be easy money wise as they had 4 children, one being blind, and they were struggling financially before the separation.


She had not been working before they separated as her youngest child was blind and not yet in school. It was summer time and school was about to start. As I was shopping for items for my granddaughters, I began thinking about her children and how she would be able to get them items they needed that year. I went to the store and bought a gift card and sent it anonymously to her address. When I checked my mail a couple of days later, I saw her down the street as she checked hers and opened the envelope. I couldn't tell her reaction because of the distance between our houses, however, a day later when I saw the car pull up in the driveway and the children each get out of the car with sacks, I knew in my heart God had used me to do a good thing for this struggling family. I give Him the thanks and praise for allowing me the money and this opportunity to help someone else in need.
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sewingsphynx wrote: You did the right thing and to do it as a "mystery friend" kept the focus on her using the gift card rather than on feeling beholding to someone. I suspect you made her day.
Geoff wrote: Paying it forward is so much better for the soul than expecting it back, god love and keep you.
speedi wrote: I think its wonderful we we hear the small still voice of the Lord telling us what to do and we respond,,Blessings ALL around
waltzes wrote: It does my heart good to know there are people out there willing to anonymously help others just because. May God continue to inspire us with opportunities to perform random acts of kindness. Bless You!
Ginny wrote: That is really sweet that you did that for her. When you get somthing that calls to you heart, soul, and gut. You know just have to it.

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