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Midnight roses

--by Satya, posted Nov 19, 2006
I was recently at a conference in Barcelona, Spain (home of Gaudi) when I thought, wouldn't it be great to do a little act of kindness in a far away city? I went through the lively La Rambla street - enjoying the scene and (in the back of my mind) looking for an opportunity of kindness. But I couldn't find anything right away. It was mostly tourists and street vendors.

Finally, I returned to the hotel past midnight when a haggardly old man came up to me and asked if I wanted to buy a rose. He had not sold one all day and was tired and hungry. I had a friend with me. She warned me that this could be simply a 'line' to rope me in. But I knew what to do. I bought 2 roses, gave her one and walked inside the hotel lobby and surprised someone with the second rose.

Ultimately it was really just a couple of Euros but at the end of it, at least 4 people were smiling on their way back to the bed.  
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Thaata wrote: Veto what mind says and say yes to what your heart says. May be it was compassion towards the other person instead of love and kindness. All the same it brought smiles to all. Thanks.
zidlore wrote: Making others smile leaves you with great feelings. Interesting story!
patty wrote: Hi Sayya I enjoyed your story. I have A daughter that lives in Spain and has A family . I have visited there and there are poor people there as here , that was A nice thing you did A rose for you..
Jawad wrote: Keep it up
T wrote: I liked your story, but your comment that they were, "just a couple of Euros," threw me. Arwen't they people too? Perhaps your act of kindness touched them deeply, in ways you didn't know?
Sheetal wrote: After reading your story.. 1st thought what that popped in my mind: "The Fragrence always remians on the hand that gives the rose" -Gandhai. :)
smith wrote: Its interesting and funny to know that 4 people went to bed smiling ...
roasty wrote: the world does not have enough kindness in it.
earthling wrote: that's a couple of euros well-spent :)
jawad wrote: you are doing very well keep it up

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