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U2 Tickets

--by courts, posted Nov 14, 2006
I work in media and often get some pretty great perks in my job. I wanted to share one of them with you - probably one of the hardest acts of kindness I have done yet!!! But it was worth it!!!

I was at work yesterday and was about to leave when my supervisor walked into my office and handed me an envelope. She had two tickets to the U2 concert that was playing that night in her hand and said they were mine if I wanted them.

I LOVE U2, they are my favourite band, and I quickly said yes very excited about the night ahead of me! Then I wondered who to take with me. My boyfriend is a big fan and would have loved to go, but 2 of my sisters are massive fans and I know they had been trying to get tickets (with no luck). So... I swallowed the lump in my throat and made a phone call.

One hour later, my sisters were at my doorstep picking up the much sought after tickets to U2 and were on their way. As hard as it was, and as much as I wanted to go, I know they did too and I knew this was a way I could bless them with a once in a lifetime opportunity.

During the concert, they called me to play me a bit of 'Beautiful Day' and I started to cry. Not because I wasn't there but because I could hear by their screams how happy they were and I felt so lucky that I was able to give them this opportunity. It really was a Beautiful Day.

It got me to thinking - sometimes it is important to look closer to home to help others. We often look past family members to bless and go straight to friends or srangers. As wonderful as this is, we should also be looking for ways to bless and encourage our family members as they will be there until the end and are often the ones overlooked.

They called me this morning with stories from the night before and a part of me was hurting that I wasn't able to go but I pushed that aside and realised that they had been blessed and I had done something I never thought I would do... bless others with tickets to my favourite band.
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Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job of putting family first. Very inspiring story. Thanks
sakina wrote: The decision taken was in the right direction. keep it up.CHEERS
Mlongecha Yesse wrote: I would like to congratulate you on what you did, since it like that you have read the book of Genesis in which GOD is reminding us about taking care of our brothers as His question to Abel, 'Abel where is your brother?'
Rav wrote: Wow. U2 are my favorite band and having worked very hard to get tickets I can really appreciate what you did. I can sincerely say that if I ever get tickets again you would be the first person I would give them to.
Sheetal wrote: I agree. Most times we do tend to overlook family members in our acts of kindness. Perhaps it is much easier performing acts of kindness to strangers. However your story is powerful and gives light to empowering us to reach out to bless the ones closest to us! :)I believe your story will leave an imprint with me- seeing U2 is also one of my favorite bands.
Becca wrote: That was a really nice thing to do.. You really wanted to go but you knew your sisters wanted to go a little bit more.. Was a lovey thing to do!
Doris wrote: what a wonderful thoughtful's true we often overlook our friends and family in daily life ,,and the memories your sisters will have will last a lifetime...
Trudy wrote: You gave something much more precious than those gave them a memory of an exceptional night with each other AND the unselfish LOVE of their sister,you can't buy that.
Trudy wrote: You gave something much more precious than those gave them a memory of an exceptional night with each other AND the unselfish LOVE of their sister,you can't buy that.
Omniscient wrote: I'm not trying to be antagonistic but I don't think I would have given the tickets to my brother. He's a pretty selfish person. I would have taken him WITH me at the most. He's the type to beg and say he'll appreciate it and the next morning act like nothing happened. "Huh? oh yea, thanks for the tickets." Moving on, that's great for you though Courts. I'm happy for you and I know it must have hurt clandestinely but in the end it is worth it. Family is number one. I agree completely. There's no substitute for family.

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