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Beggar and a Kid

--by Ravi Chandar, posted Apr 23, 2006
Thomas Carlyle, the distinguished Victorian writer, was just six years old, when a beggar, wrinkled with age knocked at his door. The old man’s state - his tattered clothes, his bent back and his shaky hands moved little Thomas. "Please wait!" he said to the stranger, before he rushed to his room.

He was back in a minute, breathless. In his hand, he carried a little piggy bank into which he had safely put away the precious pennies and shillings given to him, from time to time. Wordlessly, he emptied the contents of the piggy bank into the grateful hands of the old man. A beautiful toothless smile was flashed at the little boy.

Recounting this incident, Carlyle said, "I cannot recall anything that gave me so much pleasure as this simple act of selfless service!"
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jsmc10 wrote: Wow! Started young :)
Brendan wrote: monney is like the overlord of our modern society, although he did not give a great number of currency but it was all he had which was worth more then all the monney in the world.
himani wrote: This is the BEST thing i ve ever heard of!!!
Plz keep up this spirit......ALWAYS.

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