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My Mom's First Truly Anonymous Kind Act

--by twiceblessed, posted Nov 22, 2006
Here's a story my mom recently emailed our family. I thought I'd share with the group!

Per your invitation card instructions, I decided to do my first truly anonymous act of kindness as my baby-shower offering.

For Junior, I wanted to crochet a receiving blanket and I just learned crocheting. Then I realized what you had asked for was an anonymous act of kindness. I decided to do it for someone unknown. I got white yarn and started crocheting with as much good wishes and blessings as possible for an unknown baby. It came out beautifully with a center area of shaded blue. And I myself felt a little bit attached to it by the time it was completed! But I remembered what you had asked for.

So I asked a friend to accompany me. She had no experience of this sort either. First, we decided to go to a remote hospital in Oakland on a Saturday. But my car broke down and had to be in the shop over the weekend and my friend does not like to drive much, so we changed the plan to a community hospital.

My friend wasn't able to accompany me so I borrowed her car. I don't adapt well to other cars and would normally avoid it. But today, THAT WAS IT.

My daughter-in-law wrote a nice note and we put it in the bag along with a Smile card. First we reached the reception area and asked for the volunteer desk. But I thought I should explain to the receptionist. She first told me that the volunteer area is closed on Sundays. Then I told her, "I have a niece who is pregnant. For her Baby Shower, she does not want any gifts other than an anonymous act of kindness. I have crocheted this receiving blanket and wanted to offer it to a newborn." She looked at it and asked, "You made it? Why don't you sell it?" I told her, "No, no, this is not for sale. This is for my niece. And she will be starting a new generation in our family. So I want to give it to a baby anonymously." She was touched and gave us all the information to PICU as well as the Pediatric unit.

Both of us ended up at a door which required a key access only. The door opened up for us and a staff member asked us if we wanted to go in. So we went in, and went to PICU.

We reached the nurse station and approached a nurse. I repeated the same words. She was clearly blown away. She said "Oh my goodness! You made something with your own hands that you want to give away? And this is absolutely beautiful! I will have to decide which baby to give it to. I don't have words. This is not even mine and do you want to leave your name?" I told her, "No. It has to be anonymous."

She asked me when my niece was due, and I told her January. She gave her blessing: "May God bless her and her baby. I feel so good about this and the blanket is not even mine. May God bless you and the mother and baby."

So your idea of having people gift you with an anonymous act of kindness has really affected so many people, inlcuding me. Thank you for asking for such a gift -- our blessings are with you, as are many others' who you may not even be aware of!

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worldcitizen wrote: What an extraordinary act of unconditional love! Can you imagine all the love and merit embedded in that gift?

May we all be inspired in similar ways to cultivate our own generosity and spread it as a hurricane of giftivism!

Wow, this was on 2006 and the heart is overflowing with joy :-) thank you so much twiceblessed! :-) you are a millionth-blessed now! :-)
luv4all wrote: Wonderful idea of gifts for new borns. Possible for all and creates love when you jus think of it.
LynneQi wrote: @cindy -- if it's anonymous and you truly want to offer your thanks, the only way you can do that is to do your own random act of kindness anonymously to complete/continue the cycle.
cindy wrote: Anomyous gifts are wonderful but sometimes the receiver does want to personally thank the donor!!!! I have mixed feelings about anomyous gifts!
happyhomemom wrote: What a great idea. My kids have way too much stuff. To ask for an anonymous act of kindness in stead of gifts is way cool
zidlore wrote: A wonderful deed! (I wish I learn crocheting too! ^__^)
aurelia wrote: God Bless You!! That has inspired me to put Smile Cards in my 50th birthday party invitations and request RAKs instead of an actual gift to me!!! I look forward to hearing what my friends and realtives come up with. That will be a real gift to me. Thanks for the inspiration.
David Ikpeme wrote: God bless that mom,and the baby that is coming into the ananymous gift not a bad one
Asma Raheem wrote: Hey mom! Nice of you to do such wonderful things but make sure the feelings are reciprocated - because one good deed deserves another!
MITON wrote: encouraging and mindblowing

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