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The Big 4-0

--by mree48, posted Feb 18, 2014
I requested forty Smile cards for an up-coming milestone. When they arrived I spent the first part of the day preparing for forty acts of kindness. 

On my very first stop, at the local frozen yogurt shop, I purchased a few gift cards to give to any kids we met. When the woman behind the counter heard my plan she gave me two extra gift cards for free! 

Next I headed over to the florist and picked up eighteen roses. Then I went to the supermarket to pick up some Starbucks and iTunes gift cards as well as some chocolate, gum, and candy. 

I brought the loot home and my husband and I attached Smile cards to each item. Then we grabbed the kids and we were off! 

The first stop was a busy supermarket parking lot. My kids and I handed out eighteen roses to women we met coming out of the store. Then we jumped in the van and drove to a nearby business where I got out and handed some iTunes cards to a couple of teens in the parking lot. After that we went to a busy mall where we stood outside the entrance and gave away the rest of our goodies. 

Our final act of kindness was to pay the tab for the car behind us in the drive thru. 

We had a whole bunch of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed people's reactions to their gifts. I think that I might have to make this an annual tradition!
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dorce wrote: Love it and thank you.
myfbil wrote: It sounds like a wonderful day and it must have warmed your heart as it did mine just reading about it. You are fantastic!
sujatashah wrote: Fabulous idea! My 40th is coming up in a few months, and i couldn't have thought of a better idea!
jolly wrote: Thanks for sharing this lovely idea. I plan to have my kids do this for their b- day and love to see their reaction.
debbe530 wrote: What fun! My next on is 64. Would have to put on my thinking cap for sure. Way to go!
sodaisy wrote: Sounds wonderfully fun! Great work!
Rajni wrote: Very good idea to do kindness. And plan to make it annually tops it. Keep it up.
KnitNana4 wrote: Wow! What a great idea and tradition to start with your family! The children are learning a lot from you!
jomartin87112 wrote: what a fabulous idea! my mind is spinning, thinking what I could do for my next b-day!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome! What a fabulous thing to do for your birthday!

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