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Her Human Pack

--by nmitchell-edward, posted Feb 23, 2014
One of my co-workers brings her dog into work with her everyday. 

This animal companion of my friend has expanded her "pack" to include everyone in the office. She is not a young dog and has recently been under the weather. I just found out she has not been eating and is generally lethargic. The vet can't seem to track down the cause of what is happening so there is a lot of sadness surrounding this. 

I had brought some left over steak in today for lunch and gave what was left to our animal friend. It was the first time she had eaten in three days.
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pelican wrote: We had a conversation with a gentleman the other day and he was talking about his dog. He said that it was just laying around not eating. He took his dog to the vet. The vet gave his dog fluids through an iv for a few days and the dog ate good for a few days. The vet said that they couldn't find anything wrong. The gentleman took his dog home and it started all over again. His dog wouldn't eat again and just laid around, so back to the vet they go. The vet repeated the iv fluids. Well, what it ended up being was dog treats that the gentleman purchased at aldi's. The treats are from china and they are what was making his dog sick and not eating. It took about 3 times at the vet before they figured it out. I hope this helps. I hope your dog continues to eat. I will be praying and my cares are with you. : ) 8
colourmyworld wrote: So pleased she has eaten something. I send good thoughts and hope to you all.
lightshade11 wrote: I am glad she finally ate and hope she continues to eat. Love and light to all of you (((hugs)))

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