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Elgar In The Rush Hour

--by tigerback71, posted Feb 25, 2014
I have been absolutely exhausted since I started my new teaching job in the UK (after 10 years in Australia) and I was definitely at a low ebb driving home today. I had spent eleven hours at work, it was raining, and the rush-hour traffic was so slow.

I saw these poor people sitting at a junction, unable to get into the main stream. So I made a gap and let three cars in. The look of relief on their faces was immediate. They flashed their lights and waved in appreciation as they took their places in front of me. 

The good feeling was only slightly marred by the car behind me honking his horn at me, but I chose to ignore him!  
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Dobby wrote: Good for you! The lack of common courtesy actually (I think) makes traffic worse. Maybe it just feels that way cuz of the bad mood everyone's in.

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