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Kindness Contest Bears Fruit For All

--by amyjasongreen, posted Feb 3, 2014
When I was little I wondered why neighborhoods didn’t invest in edible landscaping to build community, promote health, and promote collaboration. As adults, my husband and I decided the right way to answer this question was to do it ourselves, so we transformed our front yard with edibles, adding blueberries, strawberries, limes, pomegranates, and oranges.

Every crop brought us closer to neighbors and strangers. The food was an excuse to commune. Kids in the neighborhood (including our sons) learned patience and gentle timing. When we had extra, we'd share it. Then, we received a powerful lesson; a gift hidden as a loss. Our first-ever crop of pomegranates had ripened. But at harvest, they were all gone, stolen in the middle of the night. We were shocked, sad and angry. Friends had fun suggesting deterrents. One even suggested we post a sign to curse thieves who stole our fruit.

And suddenly, the lesson was clear. We did need a sign. But our sign would encourage sharing and community. Last Fall, we had a larger crop of pomegranates. We posted a sign that read, "If you’d like one, please knock and introduce yourself and we'd be happy to cut one off the bush for you.

Cutting saves the branches and promotes future growth so we can continue to share pomegranates with new friends like you. Thanks, The Green Family." Out of eight fruits, one pomegranate was taken, and most others gifted to new friends. This year, we won the Kindness Contest award, so we planted three new fruit trees - a peach, a pear and a plum. Before they fruit, I'll add a big sign to the yard to encourage sharing. Today, I am happy to role model generosity for my young sons and to have been blessed with the opportunity to provide an edible front yard for others. 

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Linda wrote: What a wonderful way to bless your neighbors and community!
liwu wrote: I pray for you. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts
Thaatu wrote: A great way of building relationships and a novel way of sharing. We curse and freter about stolen fruits and flowers not that they have gone but we lost the opportunity to share them. You are generous and have a noble heart. God bless you.
Jolly wrote: Thanks for sharing this idea and i plan to try this out
moral12 wrote: That was a great way to make a positive out of a negative experience. Thank you for sharing your largesse and your kindness (food, included), with your family and neighbors.
Shumaila Hussain Shahani wrote: Amazing act! Keep writing :)
Shumaila Hussain Shahani wrote: Amazing act! Keep writing :)
Mohandas wrote: Share if you care. The happiness in sharing what you have, let it be a fruit, a vegitable, or something that you know, with others is immense. These days, people are more self centered and are restricting themselves to their own families. The three mantras for happiness are:

Care , compassion and commitment to a cause.

magurosan wrote: Great idea!
The fruit of this kind act is even sweeter and juicer.
Thank you very much.
Blessings to you and your family.
Barbara wrote: Such a totally unselfish act! Amazing!

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