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Karma for Me

--by kimyouravonlady, posted Nov 28, 2006
I was in line at the grocery store yesterday and the lady in front of me was purchasing her items and buying a treat for her grand-daughter - a bag of mini M&M's.

My 3-year-old daughter started clamoring for the same thing. I only had a little bit of money with me as payday wasn't until hubby came home that night, and I tried to tell her that we couldn't get it this time, that mommy didn't have enough money.

She was fussy about it but I finally calmed her down.

Then as I started to ring up my purchases, the cashier passes me a bag of M&M's. I asked her what this was about. She said the lady in front of me bought it for my daugher while I was trying to calm her down. I didn't notice and I didn't even get to thank her because she had left while I wasn't looking.

If you're somewhere reading on this board - I say Thank You! My daughter smiled all the way home!!

Since I now had one of the smile cards, I thought I better come to this site and see what it was all about.

What a great concept by the way!!

That's my story - not the grandest thing I suppose but it made my day a whole lot brighter that's for sure.

Thanks again!

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Rajni wrote: May god pass on your gratitude to that unknown person who bought candy for your daughter and may this inspire others to help needy people to make their day.
thaata wrote: Goodness is all around us and we need inner eyes to see. We have it in ourselves to help others but overshadowed by doubts and selfishness. The story really about changing attitudes and mindsets by the experiences we get.
lldyhwke wrote: One year, around christmas, i went grocery shopping. I thought i had enough on my card, but when i checked out i was 20. 00 short. I ran over to the atm next to the checkout to see exactly what i did have. I was broke! I went back to the checkout to start putting things back and the cashier told me that it was okay. The man behind me had paid the 20. 00. I couldn't believe it. I was definitely humbled.
Muhammad wrote: Inspirational story. It gives you a lot of great ideas. God bless all the people like the grandmother.
patty wrote: Nice story. Have A smile day patsshoppe
Joy wrote: What a touching story of an everyday person doing a kind thing and making someone's day. Thank you for sharing it!
Ravi Sheshadri wrote: These acts which we see as small is exactly what I call life. What is important in this story is the donor and the receipient changed in the process and became better human beings. Today in the world we need better human beings.

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