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Surprise in the Mail

--by wonderlink, posted Nov 29, 2006
I have been a fill-in personal care attendant for a woman with Multiple Sclerosis. At one point, I was wanting to create a group similar to this but not online. I asked her what would be an act of kindness to her that would make her smile. She said a check in the mail. My offline group never came together but I never forgot that wish. I knew it was just a matter of waiting until I got enough spare change to send something that would be enough to make her smile. About six months ago, enough time for her to forget she made that wish, I sent a blank money order to her with a card that said, "Be one with yourself and all good things will come to you." Inside, I pasted a typed phrase, "You are the awakened heart." I sent it anonymously. I counted the hours when she would arrive home from work and tried to imagine the smile on her face and her getting a lift that lasts for a good while.
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sewingsphynx wrote: It's going that extra mile that makes for a good caregiver. And a truly good one like yourself can really give a boost(s) to someone's day.

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