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--by Mark, posted Nov 22, 2006
I was renewing my library card the other day, and overheard the transaction of the user being assisted by the adjacent clerk. If not outright homeless(he carried with him two large bags of possessions), the scruffy man was clearly going through an extremely hard time. It seems that he was unable to check out a book because he had an outstanding $3.00 fine on some books he had turned-back late. He told the clerk there was no possible way for him to pay the fine.

I reached over and slipped the man three dollars. He paid his fine and thanked me profusely: "I don't know how I could make it through a night on the street without my science fiction."

That is not the story.

Here's the story. As he was getting up to leave, I was in the process of fishing through my wallet for a photo ID. I came upon a Smile Card, and said to the man, "Hey, you might like this." He took the card with barely a glance and walked away.

A few minutes later, as I was finishing my transaction, the man reappeared. "I got to tell you," he said, "this is the greatest thing I have ever seen. I am going to go out on the street right now and help somebody. I can't wait to see their face when I give them this card!"

I could only hope that it might shine with even half as much joy as the unwashed, toothless face grinning before me.
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Charlie wrote: I loved your story and that you used a smile card to give someone who would normally receive charity an opportunity to give it. That's a blessing for both of you.
wayfarer wrote: Simple - and straight to the heart. You made a big difference for very little. And that's the secret. That's how iy works!

Well done!
Ahkar wrote: Hello Mark.Your Story is very nice.I hope that other people are also doing the same as you who are in need
nisha wrote: nice! made me think of Philip K Dick and his amazing work - he must have resembled this person at the library at his best :)
sakina wrote: Thanks for the story and hope to do the same to others who are in need.
t star wrote: thanks for the reminder ;*)
kindness always looks good and it's great to remember that it's not the package that matters but the heart inside. i'm thankful.

be gentle with yourself and others.
Uttam wrote: Wonderful! Noble thoughts will always be there. In the order of THOUGHT / WORD /DEED. But the difficulty is the deed (implementation) part. For which some are fortunate to act.If we can understand the law of nature - CAUSE and EFFECT. How to remove the obstacle. Inspirations like these would be much effective. Thannks.
Kemmy wrote: Hi Mark. I was really touched by your story. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing that your kindness has started the domino effect of kindness. Good on you!!!!!

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