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The Patient Patient

--by nilamma, posted Feb 26, 2014
I had been waiting in the doctor's reception area for more than an hour and was getting little restless! 

I saw this frail lady trying to open the door to leave. I got up right away, opened the door, and took her out to the bus stop. As I was helping her climb the steps onto the bus the driver asked for a dollar. She was ready with the money in her hand but, before he could take it, I handed him a dollar of mine! 

The lady looked puzzled at first but then her eyes showed her gratitude. She thanked me several times. I just gave her a big hug and big smile! 

The driver just looked at me - and then smiled too. 

I returned to my seat in the reception area, smiling, and waited for my turn like a good patient ... patiently!
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Sunflower17 wrote: Your story touched my heart.
Harish Dalal wrote: People who are grateful for what they have at present, can be patient to the rest of the world. These people are not busy running to get the next thing and the next thing, otherwise known as the rat race.
jocelyn.morris.2 wrote: That was so sweet of you
sara wrote: You are a real human!
petro wrote: What a beautiful gesture! I am sure she will remember this her whole life.
moral12 wrote: That was so sweet of you to help that lady, and, to go the extra mile and pay her bus fare, too! Kudos to you.

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