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It's the little things that matter

--by maliceyalice, posted Dec 2, 2006
I was doing some volunteer work at a homeless shelter, and decided to document it with photography. I took shots of the residents which came out really well, but I also gave some of the residents a disposable camera.

I then developed the film and printed them up. When I gave back the images, I had enlarged and framed the best photo, which was of a little girl. The man who took it was so happy because it was the first photo he'd ever owned of his daughter!

His smile was the biggest smile I've ever seen in my life (even bigger than his daughters smile in the photo)!

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speedi wrote: nothing better than the smile of aproud and happy parent...what a great idea letting others use the camera
Ari wrote: Great, you have entered the heart of a deserving father who can always see love thro' his eyes for life - his daughter's smile!!
Jawad wrote: Nice story HUH
sebastian wrote: GOD BLESS YOU
waltzes wrote: That is a beautiful story. God bless you and the father and daughter involved in the story. Believe in miracles!
Tess wrote: Wanderful story of helping. God bless you for making a little girl and father happy.
bill wrote: open doors for all people
kwame wrote: I am very happy to have been able to now endose my self into such group and its imates whom i believe through you,the good gestures of your of lives shall help a young man and his entire family are in absolute hardship and as amatter of fact live in extreme poverty.

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