Stories of Kindness from Around the World

See-Through Friendship

--by smilescanchangetheworld, posted Dec 2, 2006
I am 13 years old and a competitive swimmer. My friend was picking me up for swimming practice one day and I was running late. I had just wolfed down my dinner and had threw on the first suit I saw.

We made it to swimming practice on time and everything was good. During practice, our main set was a series of sprints off the blocks. I climbed out of the water and saw that my suit was completley see through! Not just sorta see through, but COMPLETLEY see through. There were a lot of boys at this practice and I felt so self concious and embarrassed. Then one of my friends, Margie, did the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. Admist all my blushing and deep, deep embarrassment, she had been thinking. She was wearing two swimsuits because both were kind of faded. The bottom one was black, and wasn't see through, just a tad faded out. She took off her top suit and gave it to me to wear over my completley see-through one. My embarrassment ended because of her and I was able to contiue practice feeling confident and normal. I can never thank Margie enough for that completley unnecessary act of kindness that she bestowed upon me.

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