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Cleaning The River

--by tarkamoore, posted Mar 1, 2014
I live in a beautiful village. An ancient, but small, river slowly winds its way through the heart of the village.

Visitors come from all over England to enjoy our village and the neighboring countryside. But, lately, people have been tossing their rubbish into the river, leaving it looking sad and neglected. 

So, I found my longest pair of gum-boots, a pair of elbow-length rubber gloves, a hefty rubbish sack, and waded down into the river. I cleaned out all the plastic bottles, potato-crisp packets, broken beer bottles, takeaway cartons, and all the plastic I could find.

My refuse sack was filled, the river was cleared, and I got to enjoyed my home town from a whole new perspective!
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Readers Comments

penviro wrote: Great job! Rather than cursing the people who messed it up, you got on your boots and put your thoughts into action. The rivers of the world need more souls like you.
Jannah wrote: That is awesome! We should all follow your example!
Lorrine wrote: Thanks for reminding us that someone has to take the first step and that someone is us.
ryan wrote: Thanks for sharing, we cannot change the world, but we can do something in our immediate neighbourhood.
newdayvow wrote: Thank you for taking action to beautify the world.
Raman wrote: There are lot of ponds rivers wells and tanks used as waste collection center. We in our trust making awareness to the local people to save the ponds and tanks as they are the water sources of our country.
jomartin87112 wrote: Bless you!

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