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RV For Free

--by iwantmorecake, posted Mar 2, 2014
A fire completely destroyed my mobile home last year, just four months after I had paid it off! 

I had, wrongly, assumed the insurance was still good until the end of the year and so had to rebuild with what little I had saved. I knew what I had in the bank would not be enough so I began to rent out my RV (recreational vehicle) as a way to help ends meet. 

One woman who had reserved a week in the RV called and told me she just found out from her doctor that she had cancer and that her husband thought they probably should not be spending unnecessarily right now but saving for doctor bills. He felt that they should cancel the trip. 

I could hear the disappointment in her voice as she told me how she had thought the trip was just what she and her family needed. Then she asked me how much it would cost if they only took the RV for a few days instead. 

I was so moved by her story that I told her not to worry about paying. I told her I wanted to give her and her family the trip for free. 

She broke down into tears at the offer. It was a beautiful moment I will never forget.
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Readers Comments

mightym wrote: God bless you for caring about someone else in the middle of your own heaartache.
Tom Jose wrote: I am really moved and inspired.

God's ways are wonderful.
myfbil wrote: How wonderful that despite your troubles you could see another persons heartache, and help ease their pain a little. You are an angel! Have a sunshine day!
moral12 wrote: Even in your time of troubles you were thinking of others; so kind of you to make that offer of your rv to her.
Bless you.
princessliz wrote: You are an angel! Thanks so much for lightening things for her.
jomartin87112 wrote: That really is the act of an angel, and you will be repaid in ways you cannot even imagine.
iwantmorecake wrote: Thank you! : ) It was the greatest payment of all just hearing the gratitude in her voice really! My heart was soooo happy, and still is when I think about it. You know I think we all have faced a fear of not having enough from time to time but I think we can only truly make ourselves happy with money when we use it to create freedom and to enhance the lives of ourselves and others and I'm glad I chose the latter : )

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