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And Now, The Rest of the Story: Phone cards from the DAR

--by webduck, posted Dec 4, 2006
If you have read my previous post about my DAR Chapter in Bremerton sending phone cards to be used by the wounded soldiers at Landstuhl, here is another email I got today with a side story about the purchase of those cards at the local base:
I requested phone cards be collected and held for me at the customer service section of the Navy Exchange. I knew that I was requiring 70 of them and I had the thought that it might be logistically difficult to place my hands on that number, as they were scattered at the registers throughout the store. The young lady who rang up the phone cards from the Navy Exchange told me that she personally gathered all the phone cards and was hoping to be the one who would make the final sale. (The phone cards had to be activated after purchase and it took over 30 minutes in total to activate each and every one of the 73 cards purchased). 
As she activated the phone cards, she shared with me  that her sister had been injured in Mosul during the December 26, 2004 mess hall attack, which if you recall, happened when hundreds of U.S. soldiers had just sat down for lunch. When her sister arrived in Landstuhl she was given a phone card to call home. The young woman said she didn't know where or who had donated the phone card that her sister used, only that it made all the difference to family members to hear that her sister was ok. For this reason, she wanted to be the cashier who rang through our purchase so that she could say thanks.
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