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My Daily Walk

--by rocky78, posted Dec 6, 2006

During my daily walk I noticed, when passing other people,  the first normal reaction I get is a look down or a turn - rarely I noticed others addressing the awareness of each other. Even, if we passed each other everyday at the same time at the same place for the entire week.   

So I decided to be the change. I started to aknowledge other folks when passing them by during my daily walk route. Either with a simple smile, or eye contact, or a good morning! This was a major learning curve for me seeing as I am generally  pretty shy.  It was hit or miss in the start, yet with time, I grew more confident and now it has become natural to smile without making the effort. Now when I go for my walk, it’s a bit of an adventure to see the reactions of other people. Most of them are pleasent and others now are making the effort before  me! 

I suppose in a world where everyone seems to be in a rush, the little smiles one receives throughout the day can make a meaningful impact on the entire traveling experience.

It does for me! :)

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Readers Comments

Jonay wrote: No question this is the place to get this info, thknas y'all.
wonderlink wrote: You've gone right to the heart of the matter. Aren't we here just to say hello to each other, after all is said and done?
anon wrote: What a simple way to make the world a better place. It is interesting that it is so hard, at first, to look a stranger in the eye and greet them in passing. It is even more interesting how easy -- and habitual -- it becomes with just a little practice!
Stylo-Essa wrote: Hello and have a good day. In North America we say "good for you"; in Australia they say "good on you." This is what I say to you - "good on you.!
speedi wrote: I agree a smile a simple hello goes a long way,,and you never know just whose day you made,,who really needed that bit of care along the way..
Satya wrote: Making the world a better place -- one smile at a time. I like it!

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