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Your way, right away

--by green, posted Dec 6, 2006
The other day, I bought a homeless man lunch at Burger King and sat down and spoke with him while we ate our lunches.  It seemed like he was almost as happy to chat with me as he was to have a free meal.
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Cheryl wrote: It takes so little to show compassion. A smile, a wave. Some kind of acknowledgement that this person exists. Going just a little further to prove they are worthwhile makes a huge impact on them. Everyone has a story and a need to be seen and heard.
AURELIA wrote: How wonderful. I'm sure nobody really pays much attentio to him. That was really nice of you to give him your time and money. :0) ~Aurelia
sewingsphynx wrote: I believe he was pleased with both the food and the company. You treated him like a human being which he is.
Dolly wrote: Your time given to the homeless person is priceless. You gave him the gift of hope by caring. Every homeless person was somebody at one time....a mother, father, uncle, brother, sister, child.
Hopefully, that one person will find the strength to seek help because you cared enough to make him feel like a human being again.
speedi wrote: what a nice thinkg to do,,,at Wendy's over the weekend we gave a grandmother and grandchild the "credit cards" given us so they could enjoy another special day out
waltzes wrote: Good for you!! Tis the season to reach out to people in need. Bless You!
anon wrote: The beautiful thing about this story is not simply the feeding of one who is hungry -- it is the completeness of the interaction. Charity springs from many motivations; but kindness is about feeling connected to others. This story nicely illustrates the power of kindness.
hiloecho wrote: I was homeless years ago and what I found was that I was discriminated against when people found out my situation. That's great that you took the time to share your time as well as a meal. Kind words can do wonders for the soul.

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