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What Made My Day

--by smilegirl, posted Dec 7, 2006

My mom and I were in Walmart store one day and I really wanted fingernail polish. A lady walked by and looked at my nails and then looked at the fingernail polish. All of a sudden she dug into her pocket and pulled out a Walmart gift card, and taped to the back was a smile card.

By the time I looked up and before I even had time to say "thank you very much" she was gone. I looked up and down each aisle and still couldn't find her. When we walked up to the cash register, I asked the lady how much money was on that card and to my suprise was $75.00!

I am thinking of giving the card to someone else like the lady did to me.

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Stylo-Essa wrote: I could see by the way you wrote your story that your spirits were really lifted up by the gift of$75.00, and your thought ot providing someone else with such a lift is very praiseworthy. But - I would like to urge you, if you usually
don't have all that much money, to use the $75.00 to purchase something you ordinarily wouldn't be able to buy. Whatever you do, please be careful with the gift. Someday when you have finished school and are out working, you'll perhaps be able to be a giver, too. I hope you have a happy Christmas and New Years season.
anon wrote: Absolutely! Keep it going!

(But remember, one of the cool things about your story is that the woman who gave you the card took the time to understand your desires. Though you and she never spoke, her empathy for you allowed her to see that there was a small dream she could make come true. This is very different than just giving the card away randomly -- although there is beauty in that too. Challenge yourself: see if you can't give it away in such a way that you will have made a connection with the recipient in the same way the woman connected with you... and then walk away.)
omniscient wrote: That's crazy!
I wouldn't know what to do. You could do different things. Give out the whole card, or buy somethings for people with it, or whatever. Be creative!

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