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It is so easy to be kind!

--by checkers, posted Dec 5, 2006

It doesn't take a lot of time or energy to be kind to others.  I happen to be a big coupon fan, and I find myself constantly looking for coupons and savings, not just for myself, but also for others. 

Sometimes we see coupon deals that are really great, but not necessarily something we need.  If you take but a second, maybe someone else you know (or even don't know) can use that coupon for that item on sale.  I just leave the coupon I don't need on the product on the shelf and someone walks along and can use it when they purchase the product!   It is something so little, but can really make a person's day, especially since so many people go without a lot of stuff.   

I have even been in a restaurant before and had an extra coupon and walked up to strangers and asked them if they wanted my extra coupon!  Even if it wasn't a meal they were planning on ordering, they either change their mind and use the coupon, or are thrilled that someone was so thoughtful.   Being thoughtful is so easy!  And, it makes the person who is being thoughtful feel awesome too!


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anom wrote: this is such a graet idea!
waltzes wrote: Amen! It's the little things that count!
hrrm1892 wrote: So you're one of those people that I sometimes take the coupon from in the store...Thanks alot!
anon wrote: Every day presents us with a zillion chances to reach out to others. Lack of awareness is the only barrier. Your story nicely illustrates how simple it can be and how commonplace tolls can provide the opportunity -- if we are mindful.

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