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City bills

--by Teja, posted Dec 8, 2006

Today I went to the city, having a bunch of appointments all over town. In my front coat pocket, I put 20 single dolar bills, a $20, a $10 & a $5, all folded separately and mixed up. Everytime anyone asked me for help, money, a donation to their cause,  I would reach in my pocket and hand them whatever bill I touched first, not even looking myself.

New York is a big, needy city, and by the end of the day as I headed to the train I felt in my pocket that there was only one bill left. I had to look and sure enough, it was the twenty. One block from the station, a woman was standing on a corner asking: "does anyone have anything to eat? Does anyone have any leftover food I could have?" Without hesitation, I gave her the last bill and rushed off to my train, but not before I heard her stunned words "Oh My God! Thank you, thank you, thank you...."

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brighteyes wrote: Great idea! Great story! Grateful for your kindnesses to others with no need for about sharing another story?
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
Ari wrote: "As you sow, so do you reap." Just great Teja. Your act of kindness is highly laudable, but one warning - don't get caught with a group of friends during the festive season - you may have pay the bills for a treat!!
Mphikeleli wrote: Its the little things people do that impact greatly on other people's lives.You just have no idea how much the "20" have contributed to the women's life.
MrTwinker wrote: I find that sometimes, when we set out to be kind, opportunities present themselves to us to do just that. We may never know what effect our acts may have, but at least we can walk away fulfilled in ourselves
Ginny wrote: That is really nice of you too somthing like that. Its people who random acts of kindess that make my day. But I love it when people to out of the box stuff like that always puts a smile on my face.
john wrote: God will give you more if you lend finace to the poor,it is like lending it to the lord.Godbless
Lorrine wrote: That's a generous thing to do! May we all take the time to give a little to others who are in need.
Geoff wrote: AS a person in recovery, i understand the woman who received the twentie's gratitude. These day's so many walk by. The ones that matter are the ones who stop, god bless and keep you!
Bhoutik wrote: A moving and heart-warming story.

Well Done.
Akku wrote: You're definitely a rich guy! Rich in heart!

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