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Lighting Up the World

--by wonderlink, posted Dec 11, 2006

Someone sent me a verse that really stood out for me as something that could lighten up my life as well as other's lives.

I have a cleaning business. On this particular day, I was doing my volunteer cleaning for an organization that finds mentors for children who are between homes. I love to sing while I clean, so I put it to music and sang variations of this for about 5 hours straight with the intention of releasing everyone in the world and especially everyone associated with the place I was cleaning from any doubts or fears they may be holding on to.

I sang quietly because there were still a couple of people working there even though it was evening. The volunteer coordinator said, "Oh good! You're singing!" So since I'd been singing quietly, I told her what the words were. She seem quite moved, so I was able to sing a little louder, which I loved.

When I went back outside, the air was so much more alive than I had experienced it previously. I felt like I could just press a button and make the whole world sing - I felt so light!

Here's the verse:
I am forgiveness acting here;
Casting out all doubt and fear
Setting [souls] forever free
On wings of cosmic victory.

I am calling in full power
For forgiveness every hour
To all of life in every place
I pour forth forgiving grace.

Credit goes to the Summit Lighthouse
There is a slight variation of wording.)

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AURELIA wrote: I bet it made your job easier being able to sing so beautifully as your worked. :0) ~Aurelia
Ginny wrote: That is so sweet. I love song that you put in there.
yasmeen wrote: This is so beautiful. Thankyou for sharing this.
waltzes wrote: Thank you for sharing these words. It kind of reminds me of the "Ho-oponopono" idea of forgiving oneself and loving oneself in order to heal (forgive and love) others.

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