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The True Meaning of Christmas

--by Dreamer, posted Dec 11, 2006

I recently donated my baby son's clothes, formula, etc. to a stranger who was expecting a baby. I even gave brand new outfits that I really loved- a little baby gown with a duck on it. The woman who is young (maybe 19 years old) has a partner who can't afford the $250 to fly into town to see his baby delivered. 

Although I've never met this woman, it was really humbling to think about how many material things I have and how many things I take for granted in my life. Never fully appreciating my circumstances and the plenty in our lives - food, shelter, family, friends, etc. I saw how greedy I had become and how I needed to be grateful for what I have on this earth.

The young woman did deliver her baby and I heard that the baby went home with the duck gown as his first baby outfit. It has been a humbling experience that allowed me to think about the true meaning of Christmas and spirit this holiday season.

I decided to go one step further and, in a random act of kindness, donated a Christmas tree to a family who could not afford a tree this year. The whole experience reminded me about how God's spirit (Jesus/Krishna for me) has really protected and guided me during the tough times. And how blessed I am to have what I have with the people in my life. And how I have been taking them for granted  and maybe even getting a bit lost about the true spirit of Christmas.


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2cents wrote: It's always heartwarming to hear about people getting into the Christmas spirit around the holidays. Thanks for sharing your story, and reminding us of all of our privileges, and the opportunity to share them during this time of year.
waltzes wrote: I think we all go through that from time to time. Helping the stranger at the gas station who was having trouble paying really put it into perspective for me again. The secret to happiness is in helping others and it is what Jesus wanted, what God wants. Bless You and Merry Christmas!

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