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Innter Transformation And Some Balloon Moments!

--by 11888, posted Mar 4, 2014
My friend/new found kindness buddy and I were walking down a familiar street near our university and we stopped by an ATM to withdraw some money. We were in the queue when we noticed a young girl helping a blind girl on her way home, by holding her and not letting her come in contact with any danger. My friend H and I felt we needed to thank her for the immense act of kindness that she was doing. So, we decided to make a balloon animal for her to express our gratitude.

We created a balloon giraffe and handed it over to her when she stopped by a pharmacy next to the ATM and told her that we were touched by what she was doing to help someone else who is disabled. A connection emerged so strong out of this interaction that we had that she wanted to join us on our next hospital clowning spree that we do every weekend. The ripples had already begun to flow. We could not stop there, so we made a balloon dog for the girl who was blind and then something very profound took place...

The girl who could see asked the girl who could not, about what colour she wanted her balloon to be, Pink or Blue? . She replied saying ' Pink' and the pink dog was handed to her. Her smile was divine and she began to stroke the balloon,mindful about every part of the dog, sensing every twist of the balloon, and this she did with so much love and grace, so it was like she was actually petting a real living dog with so much affection and love. This was a striking moment for me, because we often tend to disregard a disabled person's ability to sense things and to feel, but this experience today changed that notion, because all my friend and I could see was love, affection and gratitude. If the balloon was a real dog then I am sure she would have got a slobbering lick on her face, filled with gratitude.

Today was a kindness filled day, connecting with our inner selves and then transferring that connection outside to make other people smile. We hugged each other, just to say how grateful we were for each other, and for the moments of joy and kindness we experience everyday. 
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Brian D. Bailey wrote: I love this story! God bless
Rajni wrote: Thanks for sharing this encouraging beautiful story. I am also touched by your thinking -
Connecting with our inner selves and then transferring that connection outside to make other people smile. Others will definitely get inspired by this story. Just keep it up.

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