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Dry Cleaner Excitement

--by denisemj, posted Mar 8, 2014
I went to pick up my dry clean and paid for my bill. Then, I kindly said, I wanted to pay for someone else’s bill as an act of kindness today.

The lady said you what? I repeated myself. Keep in mind she had a smile on her face and she was saying that is so nice of you to do.

I started to tell her about and showed her the Smile card. She just starts beaming with smiles. She said is this money from the website? I said no, the website gives us a place to share our stories and ideas with other people. She asked if this was a religious site. I said it’s a site for anyone that wishes to share acts of kindness with people all around the world.

She said should I pick someone I know? I said that would be fine because I do not know them. She thought how much do you want to pay? I told her that I had $40.00 dollars cash on me.

Oh! She was overwhelmed as she started walking the line of clean clothes hanging to be picked up, but yet she was still smiling. She finally decided on one that was $27.00 dollars and it was someone that she did not know.

I paid the bill in full, and she took the smile card to place on the bill. Then we started chatting about acts of kindness. I gave her some examples of things that I had done recently and told her that I enjoy getting ideas from this website.

In the end I wished her a good evening and apologized because that was my last smile card and that i would return again.

Providing an act of kindness helps other people see that someone in
the world cares about other people. I love to give because it sets me free from selfishness.
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Readers Comments

Sam N wrote: You will get it back hundred fold one way or another. You also will know when it happens. I cannot wait for you to share how and what you got back in return :-)
Eve Hughes wrote: What a blessing that will be to someone. I bet they will smile all day after they pick up their cleaning. They will probably pay it forward too. And. ,you get to find out how they reacted to good deed when you return again. I wonder how many people she told about this wonderful surprise. : )
wtcstlqueen wrote: Such a neat story. You were an angel to someone i am sure at the drycleaners. It is interesting to see what and who we help and it was all an answer to a prayer. :)
Marianne Bryant wrote: What a wonderful act of kindness you did. It must have brought such joy to that person and the lady at the cleaners. How very kind of you
bellastar wrote: Omg that was so generous! I love that you did this! Thank you for inspiring me!
MaryLynne wrote: "i love to give because it sets me free from selfishness. "
How true. And also from the thought that there is never enough or that i am never enough and all sorts of a sense of lack! One simple act of giving makes us fee rich in so many ways!
Dcoelho wrote: Love that! I'm sure you put a big smile and wonderful thought in someone's mind/heart!
brindlegirl wrote: What a wonderful idea and magnificent act of kindness we can all do. I am doing this one! I love it. So anonymous and can you imagine how much this will make that persons day. I am doing this too. Thank you for the amazing idea and inspiration!
Erika wrote: Bless your heart. Great way of showing your act of kindness! :)
happyhelper wrote: What an awesome act of kindness! You not only were kind to the person who you paid for, but you also showed the woman working at the dry cleaners kindness. I hope she too gets involved in random acts of kindness. Great job! :)

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